Robin Hood's Bay, North York Moors National Park

Re-modelling and extension

Completed Autumn 2021


Charity is one of seven private dwellings built in a secluded location along the spectacular headlands high above Robin Hood’s Bay, in the North York Moors National Park.

The property was originally built by the family of the client in the 1970’s and is held in a trust for the ongoing use of the current family members, and future generations of the family.

As a mid 20C building, Charity is now in need of renovation to address issues relating to the un-insulated building fabric. The outdated accommodation on the site also requires re-configuration and re-conceptualisation in order that the property function more comfortably as a modern and contemporary home and get together for the extended family.

The design response for the project prioritised the re-use of existing redundant outbuilding on the site, by upgrading the building fabric and physically connecting it to the existing dwelling. This approach kept the required new architectural interventions on the site to a minimum, in the form of a contemporary glazed link between the two existing buildings.

A detailed study of the constraints and opportunities of the site suggested the manner in which the two existing buildings on the site should be used. The existing dwelling for the living and social functions, and the upgraded outbuilding as the sleeping accommodation. The new glazed link extension provides the Dining space in order that it acts as a true social connection between the two existing buildings, whilst providing framed panoramic views across the Bay.


Photography: Scott Wicking