Millfield Rise

Easingwold, North Yorkshire

Existing dwelling remodelling and extension

Planning Permission Granted 2017


The practice was asked to prepare design proposals for the internal remodelling of an existing 20C dwelling, and also proposals for a new car port. The design response to the client’s brief has been to take an ‘inside-out‘ approach to the project, to address the issues relating to the existing internal circulation spaces and to prioritise the establishment of a strong and direct connection between the internal spaces and the external landscape. The response has also drawn inspiration from the essential themes of traditional Japanese architecture such as framed views, borrowed scenery, flexible spaces, and obscured boundaries, in order to create a more meaningful dialogue between building and landscape.

The introduction of a new circulation spine is intended to not only provide function in terms of providing access to rooms, but also to create a route though the remodelled building that introduces one to various different aspects of the garden. The building then becomes an architectural sequence of spaces and framed views out into varying, intimate areas of the garden.

 This inside out approach to the design then informs the elements of new architectural remodelling to the building exterior. A series of new contemporary metal ‘picture frames’ are proposed to the building facades as external expressions of the new internal spaces, such as the Home Office, the Upper Ground Floor Hall and the Dining Room, that provide opportunities to experience the garden from the interior of the dwelling.