Millington Longhouse

Millington, East Riding of Yorkshire

Replacement dwelling

Completed 2020


The Millington Longhouse project relates to the design of a replacement dwelling for a prominent village site, adjacent to a Grade 1 Listed Church, in the rural setting of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The existing post-war bungalow requires a significant degree of work in order to renovate, extend and remodel the property to provide for modern family life.  As such the replacement of the existing building with a well-insulated, contemporary dwelling, with integrated renewable energy sources was considered to be a more economical, beneficial, and sustainable approach to the project in the longer term.

The style of the existing dwelling is generic and sub-urban, and the building lacks an essential and aesthetic connection to the site and the surrounding landscape. The design proposals for the replacement dwelling draw on the long standing, traditional, Yorkshire Longhouse typology, with the intent that the new building establish a feeling of history appropriate to the site and its agricultural context.

The new property incorporates Solar PV panels, a ground source heating system and rainwater harvesting, in order to provide a modern, sustainable, family home, whose contemporary design is firmly rooted in the historical form of dwelling construction in the region.


Photography: Scott Wicking