The Old Vicarage

Worlaby, North Lincolnshire

Dwelling Extension & Remodelling



The practice was invited to prepare design proposals for a contemporary remodelling and extension of an existing Victorian vicarage situated in rural North Lincolnshire.

The existing dwelling is characterised by large, well proportioned, formal rooms typical of the Victorian period. The strong symmetrical ordering of the facades is reflected within the plan form of the property, which is bisected by a grand axial entrance hallway and stair.

Despite the prominence of the property and the scale of the spaces that it provides, the all too important day-to-day family social spaces, such as the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Lounge are currently located toward the rear of the property, in the small servant spaces provided within extensions to the building. So the architectural route through the building, and the anticipation that it creates, currently culminates in a particularly underwhelming spatial and functional experience.

The architectural design proposals seek to remove the existing additions that have been added to the property, and to provide a new extension that provides a more appropriate scale of accommodation for the property, where the important family social spaces are to be located. In this new position, the Kitchen, Dining and Lounge spaces firmly place the family heart of the home, as the destination of the processional route through the building.